At OWR we develop cutting edge software related to speech and speaker recognition, forensic automatic speaker recognition, audio processing and pattern recognition.

These include:

    • Microsoft Windows and Mac based software development
    • Software development for mobile devices (Apple iPhone/iPad Development & Android)
    • Advanced signal processing software
    • Automatic Speaker Recognition
    • Speaker diarisation
    • Audio and video fingerprinting
    • Audio acquisition and transmission – low latency and bit rate audio processing
    • Biometric recognition on mobile devices

Our Products

madcat icon


MADCAT is an innovative content search, duplication and time synchronisation system for audio and video files.  It is based on the principle that if two or more different recordings contain the same acoustic events, it is possible to search for and identify the parts of the audio that are overlapping and to provide a precise time of match.

biometrics logo


Calculating and plotting performance metrics for speaker and biometric recognition made easy.

vocalise logo


VOCALISE is a forensic automatic speaker recognition system that allows users to perform comparisons using both ‘traditional’ forensic phonetic parameters and ‘automatic’ spectral features in a semi- or fully automatic way.



Blind and Assisted Speaker Diarization software – “CLEAVER”, provides an easy means of separating out the speech of individual speakers from a recording that contains more than one speaker.



SpectrumView provides a high-quality real-time spectrogram and spectrum analyser display, with a configurable sample rate and frequency resolution, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



Quickly and easily subtract interfering  music, television or speech from an audio recording if you have a reference  song, TV show, or speech recording that you want to remove from the recording.