Product Development

Product Development

At OWR we develop cutting edge software related to speech and speaker recognition, forensic automatic speaker recognition, audio processing and pattern recognition .

These include:

    • Microsoft Windows and Mac based software development
    • Software development for mobile devices (Apple iPhone/iPad Development & Android)
    • Advanced signal processing software
    • Automatic Speaker Recognition
    • Blind and assisted speaker diarisationHigh performance computing tasks
    • Audio and video fingerprinting
    • Audio acquisition and transmission – low latency and bit rate audio processing
    • Biometric recognition on mobile devices

Some of our own products include:

Rigorous Software Testing

Our products are tested to a very high standard. We think careful testing is very important to our development process.

In addition we have developed, or helped develop products for other companies and customers on request.

Here’s what one of our customers have had to say about working with us

    • Jeff Hastings, the president of Pro-Cut International says “Oxford Wave Research were exceptionally great to work with. We posed them a challenge that was very different from their focus in audio pattern recognition. Despite this they immediately grasped what we were looking for and set to developing and adapting their algorithms and tweaking their code to work for our challenge in vehicle vibrations. Development was very cooperative and simple. The ongoing challenges of our project were identified and faced and overcome without drama or cost adds- the entire process was extremely collaborative.”
    • Here’s the Pro-Cut case study: SmoothRide – a mobile app that analyses your car’s wheel balance and braking smoothness