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Audio and Video Enhancement

All of our products deal with audio signal and sound. Our audio enhancement software helps the user to improve the intelligibility of a file by ‘cleaning up’ or removing interfering sounds, such as engine noise, music or television playing over speech. The main aim of audio enhancement is to make a recording more intelligible, so that more words can be understood than before. We have a suite of audio enhancement solutions that can be used to attack different types of noises and make the underlying speech clearer.

In particular, we provide a novel reference cancellation software which works by synchronizing audio recordings that were made in the same acoustic environment, at the same time, in order to subtract one signal from the other.

Furthermore, we have partnered with two leading manufacturers of audio processing software, Salient Sciences (Digital Audio Corporation) and Acon Digital, to provide a comprehensive toolkit of audio enhancement solutions.




Subtract interfering speech, music, or TV from an audio recording using precise time synchronisation and powerful reference cancellation.

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Cardinal MiniLab Suite

CARDINAL MiniLab Suite

A comprehensive toolset for cleaning and clarifying noisy audio recordings that contain speech. Comprising of 10 powerful plug-ins built specifically for law enforcement applications.

View the CARDINAL MiniLab Suite product sheet here.



Comprehensive video and audio analysis and clarification software tool for both novice and experienced forensic video analysts and audio experts, with powerful filters and audio plug-ins.

View the VideoFOCUS product sheet here.

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