Our experienced trainers provide in-depth comprehensive training on a variety of different topics and products related to law enforcement, audio processing, and forensic speaker recognition. Please contact our Sales Team to organise training for your staff. Training courses are either provided on-site or online. We currently provide the following courses.

Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition Course using VOCALISE

Oxford Wave Research and our instructors have a wealth of training experience and offer courses suited to all levels and requirements. We highly recommend product training, especially for our Forensic Automatic Speaker Recognition software, VOCALISE.

We are providing training in person at our Oxford facility, or in your country by request. We are further offering live online training on Zoom, MS Teams, or other online platforms.

We will supply laptops, with all the software and test data installed for use in the classroom for the duration of the in-person training. For online training, we will support you through the installation process to ensure that everything is in place.

We use Google Classroom to provide further materials for the training, quizzes, and assignments.

We provide training on VOCALISE in person as a 3-day course and recommend that a further 2 days training is taken within a year, once familiarity with the tools has been gained.

VOCALISE training has been designed with the forensic level user in mind to provide a comprehensive understanding of the underlying fundamentals of audio processing and speaker recognition using the VOCALISE and Bio-Metrics software tools.

The 3-day course is delivered as a mixture of theory and practical hands-on sessions looking at all aspects practically using VOCALISE and Bio-Metrics.



xVocalise comparison scores WYRED

3-day course, additional 2-day course recommended after a year

Comprehensive course for forensic level user

Mixture of theory and practical hands-on sessions

Fundamentals of audio processing and speaker recognition using VOCALISE and Bio-Metrics

We are also offering live online training. Please contact us and our Sales Team will be in touch with more information.

We also provide product-specific training and training on behalf of Salient Sciences – also known as Digital Audio Corporation (DAC) – for VideoFOCUS and CARDINAL MiniLab Suite products.

Salient Sciences/DAC courses

Forensic Video / Audio Training

Cardinal MiniLab Suite

Based on the latest VideoFOCUS Pro and CARDINAL MiniLab software by Salient Sciences, this intensive training teaches how to clarify evidentiary video and audio recordings in a unified way. Techniques for importing and analysing the material, viewing the video frame by frame, clarifying the video and images, reducing noises and effects in the audio track(s), maximising voice intelligibility, and exporting the finished product, are taught through a combination of lecture, careful observation and analysis, critical listening, and hands-on practical exercises with state-of-the-art tools and real-world training materials. On the final day of the course, each participant will be provided with a certificate for the attended training.

Law Enforcement and Forensic Audio Training Course

This 4-day course has been specially designed to offer beginners a solid introduction to law enforcement audio, whilst providing a deeper understanding and an opportunity to develop proficiency for the more experienced officer.

This course comprehensively deals with the fundamentals of audio for law enforcement and security professionals, covering, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Sound production
  • Propagation of sound
  • Understanding noise
  • Digital audio
  • Audio fingerprinting
  • Microphones
  • Audio enhancement
  • Speaker recognition
  • Speaker diarisation
  • Acoustic transmission


4-day course from 9.30 am – 5.00 pm

Each day with lectures, hands-on and interactive Q&A

All course materials and handouts included

Lunch and refreshments throughout the day

On-site parking available


We are also offering live online training. Please contact us and our Sales Team will be in touch with more information.

Main Instructors

Anil Alexander

Dr Anil Alexander is a co-founder and CEO of Oxford Wave Research and his areas of interest and experience are forensic audio processing, audio enhancement, and speaker recognition. He has published widely in international conferences and journals and is an invited speaker at several conferences and workshops. He enjoys teaching audio processing for law enforcement and work involving speaker recognition, audio enhancement, and acoustics. He has previously chaired the research committee of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA) and is an affiliate member of the NIST-OSAC (National Institute of Standards – Organization Scientific Area Committees). He is a PTLLS-trained instructor.

Finnian Kelly

Dr Finnian Kelly is the Principal Research Scientist at OWR, and leads our latest R&D developments in speech analysis, speaker recognition, and audio processing. Finnian received his PhD from Trinity College Dublin in 2014 for his research on the effects of ageing on automatic speaker recognition. Finnian has published in (and acted as a reviewer for) many top-tier international conferences and journals, and has been an invited speaker at research labs in Europe and the US. Finnian is a member of the research committee of the International Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics (IAFPA), and an affiliate member of the NIST OSAC Speaker Recognition subcommittee.

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