Visualise in real time the frequencies that you can hear around you and even those you cannot. SpectrumView provides a high-quality real-time spectrogram and spectrum analyse display, with a configurable sample rate and frequency resolution. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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The SpectrumView app can be used to measure the highest tones you can sing, obtain visual feedback of the frequencies in your speech, identify an annoying sound, calibrating musical instruments, or generally for all sorts of acoustic analysis.



Real-time Spectrogram: A spectrogram is a visual representation of sound intensity as it varies through time. This application provides a time-varying display of the frequencies present in the surroundings recorded through the iPhone/iPad’s microphone.


Settings: Modify a vast array of options to suit your requirements

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Video import: Select video and import audio to play and analyse


Spectrum Analyser: The Spectrum Analyser also provides a visual representation of sound intensities in the various frequencies. It differs from the spectrogram by displaying only one time slice at a given point in time.


An alternate Spectrogram colour scheme:

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  • High-quality real-time spectrogram view of audio measured with the inbuilt or an external microphone, to observe trends in the frequencies present in the recording environment
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer that provides a sequence of snapshots of the frequencies present in the recording environment
  • Multiple selectable sample rates of 8,000 Hz, 11,025 Hz, 16,000 Hz, 22,050 Hz, 24,000 Hz, 32,000 Hz, 44,100 Hz and 48,000 Hz
  • Sampling rates of up to 48,000 Hz, for up to 24,000 Hz measurements
  • High- frequency resolution with configurable signal analysis window lengths or Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) orders
  • Native support for portrait and landscape modes in iPhones and iPads
  • Sound intensity represented using a colour spectrum scale from -96 dBFS to 0 dBFS 
  • Frequency Pinch-to-Zoom: SpectrumView Plus supports a high-quality frequency zoom capability that allows you to zoom in frequency space to look at a specific tone or frequency in more detail. You can use the high resolution frequency zoom either vertically in the Spectrogram view or horizontally in the Spectrum Analyzer view
  • Recording and Playback of Audio Files: SpectrumView Plus is also a fully functional audio recorder that allows you to record, pause and play back files in high-quality uncompressed wave format with user-set sampling rates from 8000Hz up to 48,000Hz
  • Importing audio from videosIt is possible to import audio from the videos in the device’s video library by tapping “Video Library” in the “Playback” tab and selecting a video, which then makes it possible to play analyse the imported audio in Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyser views.
  • Tap Data Cursor: The tap functionality will allow you to tap on any part of the Spectrogram or Spectrum Analyzer display and obtain the exact frequency in Hertz (Hz) and level in decibels (dB) at that point. It is possible to do this either in a live audio stream or in a paused spectrogram
  • Musical Notes or Frequency Display on Tap: SpectrumView Plus will allow you to tap on anywhere on the Spectrogram or Spectrum Analyzer and obtain the cent-accurate musical note e.g. A4 (22), at that point. This feature is useful to tune your instruments or make sure you are hitting the right notes
  • Live Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer Views of Recorded Files: Files recorded using SpectrumView Plus can be played back and the Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer modes can be used to review the frequency space
  • Sharing Recorded Files by Email or iTunes File-sharing: The recorded audio files either be sent by email to a specified address (if they are under 10 MB) or transferred to your computer using iTunes. If you would like to transfer large files, SpectrumView Plus fully supports iTunes file-sharing which allows you to access your files through iTunes on your computer
  • High Quality Screenshots: This has been a much requested feature. It allows for taking high-resolution screenshots of only the Spectrogram or Spectrum Analyser without the controls around it. The screenshot can be taken either in silent mode or with the camera click sound effect. The screenshots are directly stored on the device’s Camera Roll
  • Data-snapshot capability: being able to save the Spectrogram, Spectrum Analyser data you are exporting and being able to see this in Excel, Matlab, or any other
  • Web File Transfer: Ability to download recordings, data snapshots, and images from SpectrumView to other devices using a web-interface over Wi-Fi
  • Sharing: Share your recordings with other apps on your device

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